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Your Loved Ones Are Our Priority

As you consider how to best protect your family’s financial security in the event of your death, you want to make sure that they will have the resources and guidance necessary to navigate their loss with confidence. At Robinson & Cotten, our attorneys draw on over 55 years of combined experience to assist you with estate planning and probate law matters. We can draft clear and effective documents to pass on your assets to your heirs, and we mediate or litigate disputes that may stem from the division of these assets. We understand that your goal is to protect the well-being of your loved ones during and beyond their time of grief – and we make it our top priority, too.

Estate Planning For Farmers And Agribusiness Owners

Particularly if you own a family farm or business, a carefully crafted estate plan is essential to ensuring the product of your hard work will be passed on to your loved ones. Estate taxes and regulations can prevent the smooth transfer of your property and operations and can dismember your assets to such a degree that succession becomes financially impossible.

With personal backgrounds in Idaho’s agricultural industry, our attorneys understand the unique challenges farm and agribusiness owners face in transferring their estates. We know how to organize your assets to avoid costly taxes and bureaucratic penalties. By working with you to carefully evaluate your needs and goals, we will create a plan to that respects your wishes, empowers your loved ones, and protects your legacy.

Experienced Negotiators In Probate Disputes

When a loved one passes, conflicts can arise over the validity, fairness or accuracy of their will or over the conduct of the fiduciary responsible for their estate. When financial disputes compound the pain and sadness of your loss, you need the clear, compassionate guidance provided at Robinson & Cotten. Our attorneys will help you protect your interests and provide sympathetic counsel during your time of uncertainty.

The confusion and grief surrounding probate disputes can often embitter loved ones and poison relationships – particularly when such disagreements go to court. We pride ourselves on settling over three-quarters of our cases through mediation, and our skills as confident negotiators can help you avoid the acrimony of litigation while firmly asserting your rights.

Protect Your Future: Act Today

Whether you are planning your estate, navigating the division of a loved one’s estate, or engaged in a probate dispute, rely on Robinson & Cotten for both sympathetic support and firm direction. In the face of sorrow, uncertainty or conflict, take decisive action to protect your and your loved ones’ futures. Contact us today by calling 208-436-4717 or by completing our online form.