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Adaptable Counsel For Your Diverse Legal Needs

At Robinson & Cotten, we strive to exemplify the adaptability, resilience and determination that define our state and its people. Our strength lies in our more than 50 combined years in practice – but also in our versatility. While we are one of the only firms in Idaho practicing both Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 bankruptcy, we are also able to assist you with adoptions, guardianships, corporate entity formations, and estate planning.

Moreover, we understand that costly, time-consuming litigation is not always the best course of action for your family or business. We keep over three-quarters of our cases out of the courtroom – using our skills as negotiators reach settlements that protect your interests, while providing you with empathetic counsel across a range of legal issues.


Adoption can be a joyous and exciting time for your family, but tangle of complex processes and paperwork it entails can be intimidating and frustrating. You do not need to undertake your adoption journey alone. We can provide guidance and clarity – helping you avoid mistakes or delays and streamlining your path toward welcoming a new member to your family.


If your loved one has become physically or cognitively incapacitated due to age, disability or injury, you may choose to assume responsibility for their affairs – protecting them and their interests when they are unable to make decisions for themselves. We can help you petition to assume guardianship over your loved one, and we will work to ensure you understand the legal responsibilities this new status entails. We are committed to offering sympathetic and sensitive support to you and your family as you navigate this emotional, and occasionally contentious, process.

Corporate Entity Formation

Starting a new business or restructuring an existing business requires careful consideration of incorporation options and deliberate decision making. We are prepared to assist both experienced and first-time entrepreneurs with entity formation. By thoroughly evaluating your needs and objectives, we can help you avoid costly pitfalls and align your business structure with your operational and growth goals.

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Do not face the complexity of your legal issue alone. To build a clear understanding of the options and solutions available to you, contact Robinson & Cotten. Our versatile and experienced attorneys are ready to address your adoption, guardianship and entity formation matters, in addition to our bankruptcy and estate law practices. To schedule a consultation, complete our online form, or call 208-436-4717.